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Call Me Taboo

Welcome to Call Me Taboo! Thank you for listening! 

Jun 26, 2018

Both Sarah and guest Eric share grieving as a cause of issues with mental health. They talk about how they’ve gone through their own stages of grieving. Even relating it to using sex as a way to cope... which was really not the best way.

Jun 5, 2018

Sarah and guest Eric a bartender and full time student had a very serious conversation about mental health. Why it’s important for everyone to take care of their mental health. Accepting that you may have mental health issues and finding ways to cope with them. They Discuss medications and making sure you find...

May 24, 2018

Sarah and Nick from the podcast continue their discussion about movies, psychic, love and of course food!  I mean he is the DudeFood!"

May 21, 2018

You would think this is a dirty topic but it is not!  Sarah has fellow podcaster and famous food blogger Nicky Lasagna from on to talk about taboo foods...this he will not eat and what followers of Call Me Taboo think he should eat!

May 18, 2018

This a XXX Podcast with Sarah and her guests Seth and Amber.  You will hear when men like...women like...What men and women like to do and not do...You have to listen to get all of the details!